Giulia hails from Cervia, Italy and speaks with a slight accent that will delight your ears and tickle the rest of your senses.  Seriously.

Giulia loves nothing more than exploring the beauty of her adopted Northern Ontario home; she spends a lot of time, in the warmer months, fishing and camping with her partner and rescue pups.

When it’s cold, Giulia can be found developing her half-pipe on the snowboarding slopes.  Will we see her at the Olympics one day?  Maybe, but she will be representing her little hometown by the Adriatic Sea, no doubt.

Thank you Giulia for making the best Chai Latte in the entire city!

Giulia works at Calico Coffeehouse, where she always greets the customers with a smile.


  1. She’s so awesome!! One of my favourite coffee people 💕

  2. I met her this past weekend. Did you know she speaks perfectly awesome Spanish?

    1. Author

      I had no idea! I assumed she was all English and Italian. But I shouldn’t assume ☺

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