This is Jena:

Don’t let that clean cut exterior fool you.  She really looks like this:

Zoom in on those eyes if you want to blow your mind hole!

Jena loves working as a beauty consultant at Shoppers Drug Mart because she gets to be right there on the front lines trying out all the new products that come in.  If you need any help finding some makeup or some skin care, Jena has all the answers.  Okay, maybe not ALL, but lots.  Lots and lots.

Jena works hard but always has time for Sandy, her adorable little puggle puppy.  I bet Sandy knows exactly which toner to use in the mornings too.


This is Kylie:

She has some pretty cool earrings!

Again, don’t be fooled.  This is what she really looks like:

Is she a demon? A witch? A vampire?  Perhaps she is the mother of dragons.  Those earrings!

When Kylie isn’t scaring small children and working at Shoppers Drug Mart, she can be found studying CGI effects and graphic design.  

She also loves to experiment with brightly coloured hair styles.  You can’t have a bad day if you’re hair is purple.  True story.


Both Jena and Kylie want you to know about an upcoming event happening soon at SDM stores all over the country:

Stop by if you’re inclined to check out this event.

Happy Halloween to Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, and beyond!

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