In July, I moved to a new house in a new neighbourhood and I love it.

I spent the first 32 years of my life in the same three block radius.  I proclaimed myself to be a ‘lifer.’  I said I’d never move.

To put it delicately… events transpired.

Major life changes brought me to a new neighbourhood and… I’m in love.  

Yes it’s true.

I’m in love with my new place in this city, in love with walking around and exploring (either by myself, with a friend, or with my kids), and in love with the people and places I meet every day.

Some people need to travel the world in order to be happy.  I don’t need that, nor do I want it.  Granted, I’d like to do a bit of traveling, but I’m already happy.  

I wake up every day and make a choice to love myself and love my life.

This blog is a chronicle of the beautiful people I meet up with during my daily journeys.  

Some of the people I already know, some I’ve never seen before; maybe I’ll never see them again.  But they are there, living their life.  They all have a story and they inspire me.

I love all of Thunder Bay but I will be focusing on the North Side known as Port Arthur, particularly on the downtown area where I live and explore.

As I get more comfortable and confident, stretching beyond my comfort zone, you can expect to see greater diversity.  In the meantime, please be patient with and understanding of my limitations.

So this is me.

I might just take your picture one day.

October 3rd is when it starts.  

Check back here every Monday and Thursday to meet the people in my neighbourhood.

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