The rule is, you must be over 18 to have your story posted here (unless you’re with a parent), so I know what you’re thinking: Leah, why are you posting a picture of this teenager?!

Well folks, Amy isn’t a teenager.  

Isn’t she adorable?  I want her to ask me to the Prom!

Amy is my doppelgänger because on this early morning at the coffee shop, we ordered the exact same thing.  Plus we also have three children and an ex-husband, though Amy went on to have another child and she’s so delightfully adorable and charming that I’m now convinced I need a fourth child too!


But speaking of having babies, Amy is actually midwife and spends much of her time helping mommies and daddies bring precious bundles into world.  

I was so excited to be talking to Amy, that I made her bump it.  A midwifery coffee bump!


A few days later, I met Heather in the same location:

Heather is no longer living in Port Arthur, or in Thunder Bay for that matter.  But she continues to come back for visit and really loves wandering a neighbourhood with so much to offer.

Heather has a lot to share too as she is currently studying to be a midwife and is entertaining the thought of returning to her old stomping grounds of the undergrad days.

I was actually more excited about finding another midwife to share in the joy that is my newly patented midwifery coffee bump.

Bump it, Heather!


  1. Amy is a true gem!! She has delivered all three of my babies and has also made me think that a 4th is a GREAT idea :S she makes it looks fun and easy!

  2. Amy is my amazing midwife !!!

    1. Author

      I’ve heard nothing but great things about her!

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