We’ve had such a nice fall this year.  The sun keeps shining and the flowers are so confused!

The snow is coming though.  

It’s inevitable.

Let’s meet some lovebirds on what could quite possibly be the last nice-weather day before the winter gales descend.

Austin & Olivia

And the dog’s name is TJ.  They’re having a lunchtime picnic in Waverly park.  

I watched them run around with the dog for awhile (not in a creepy way) and it’s clear they are amazing fur-baby parents.

I didn’t get a chance to learn very much about them, but I did learn that Austin attends Lakehead Law school, which is adjacent to Waverly Park.

Olivia attends school on the main campus and was visiting for lunch.  They couldn’t have picked a better day or location for a picnic.


Craig and Tiina

They had just finished eating at the Scand House when I pounced on them, figuratively speaking.

Could you even begin to pick a more photogenic couple?  That hair!  Those smiles!  They are just radiating happiness.  And it’s contagious!

Can you imagine a more musical couple than the co-hosts of The Foundry’s open mic night, every Thursday at 10pm.

Craig is also the lead vocalist of Greenbank; Tiina plays guitar and sings as well, plus she’s the voice behind Live and Local on LU Radio.  

Both have voices that can warm your soul as we move into colder weather.  They should just record an album together already, geesh.


Jillian & Dave

I should have taken a picture of these two in a loving embrace, but I wasn’t thinking.  They were headed into the Tomlin and I got jealous.

Jillian is a mother to two adorable daughters and she’s as equally geeky as she is stunning.  She loves fashion and super heroes almost as much as she loves being weird.  

She’s currently working hard continuing her education.

The least interesting thing about Dave is that he’s a doctor.  Big deal, nobody cares.  

We’re much more interested in that sweet beard he’s sporting!

He’s also a daddy to three of his own kids and is a huge music and movie geek.  He occasionally DJs at the Red Lion, entertaining the masses with his vast and varied musical collection.  

Dave also likes fancy vehicles, but he’s not a snob; he’d just as soon kick back and shoot the breeze over a cold one, regardless of your station in life.

These people: they are good and lovely.

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