One of my favourite new places in the downtown area is Prime, an amazing gelato and sorbetto shop.

As you can see from the menu board, there is more than just icy treats for sale!  

And…as you can tell, I go there a lot.  It’s hard to stay away because there are new flavours all the time!

And all the employees are wonderful.  I’ve literally never encountered anyone behind the counter who was giving less than 110% to the job.

Let’s meet some of them!

Brontë is studying Kinesiology at Lakehead University.


Castiel is studying Political Science at Lakehead University.


Graham is studying engineering at Lakehead University.


Steph is pursuing her Master’s Degree at Lakehead University in the field of social justice.


So what we have here is a pretty cool group of young people, and they’re obviously pretty smart too!

I wasn’t able to have lengthy conversations with these hard workers because I had to be conscious of customers waiting in line behind me.  However, I was able to glean that they all love working at Prime.  

They get to make the products in-house, they get to sample to products, they get to educate the public about the handmade treats, and they get to work for employers who are very conscientious about sourcing ingredients from other local businesses/vendors/farmers.  

That was a long sentence!

It’s truly a great place to work if you’re concerned about shopping locally and supporting local economy.  Oh, and they use recycled and biodegradable utensils too!

I can’t recommend this place enough.  

I look forward to meeting even more of these prime people in the months to come (see what I did there?).  I’m interested to try the hot chocolate when the snow flies!

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