Julie has worked for Lakehead University since 1972; just recently, she transferred from the Education Library to the Law Library.  

The Law library overlooks Waverly Park; Julie wanted to show me this memorial bench and this memorial marker that she frequently passes.

A decade ago, Julie’s colleague Shirley lost her only son in Afghanistan.  

I remember hearing about the death of CPL Anthony Boneca.  He was so young, just 21 years old.  

His parents had wanted a child for many years and were finally blessed with a beautiful son.  They were so proud of him and all his hard work and accomplishments. When Anthony enlisted, I imagine his parents were concerned but still proud.  

Julie remembers the shock and devastation around work when it was announced that Anthony had been killed.

Several years later, Shirley lost a brave battle with cancer.  It’s so touching and quietly beautiful that Shirley’s memorial should be placed so close to Anthony’s.  I’m sure it wasn’t an accident.  

Shirley and Anthony’s loved ones can come to this special place and remember them both as they used to be and envision them together in the present day, perhaps holding hands in the spirit world.  Perhaps watching the people who stop by the memorials.

Julie really likes this spot too.  Thanks for sharing with me and the boys!  

It’s so important to remember our Nation’s soldiers.  Regardless of our stance on the conflicts and the governments who perpetuate war, it’s ridiculous and inhumane not to support the men and women who fight.  They are, after all, fellow human beings.

We have this day to remember; we should never forget.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this…well written,thank-you

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