Who’s that guy 

over there?

Losing what’s left 

of his hair

That’s Kyle

That’s Kyle

Making awkward sounds and moves

Like a record 

skipping all the grooves

That’s Kyle

That’s Kyle!

This city is home to a lot of tall bald dudes and a lot of gingers, but none carry the combination quite as delightfully as Kyle does!
It’s always a good day when I run into this guy.

Kyle works at a downtown HIV and HCV organization, but spends much of his spare time being creative.

He records a podcast with some good friends, he dabbles in poetry, and he makes some pretty fabulous pieces of art!

Oh yeah, he also dads in his spare time.  Kyle has a teenage daughter and I just turned ‘dad’ into a verb!

He is one of the kindest and most helpful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in this fair city.  Don’t let him tell you otherwise!

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