The grass is gone now, but I have some pictures that would prove otherwise!

Oh Scotia, Scotia, Scotia.  

Don’t you just love having your picture taken as you try to cross the street?

The expression on her face leads me to believe that she is slightly offended by my camera advances.  

Don’t worry, that’s just for show.  

Scotia is completely on board with any and all shenanigans I could possibly throw at her.

Scotia is a makeup artist and hair stylist, who operates out of Sweet Cherry Spa on the other side of town.  You can book her to do your nails, makeup, waxing, and other things!  

She also has a blog where she writes about beauty products and techniques.  Just recently, Scotia wrote about scammers trying to take advantage of makeup artists.

Scotia has made makeup and style her life’s work and, in addition to the spa, enjoys providing services on many photo and video shoots throughout the city.   She’s very talented.

In any spare time, Scotia likes to be super-duper weird with her adorable little family.

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