I bought this yesterday:

A local little printing press, by the name of Knife Fight Press, makes all kinds of amazing products branded with various Thunder Bay names and isms.  

For instance, pennants branded with neighbourhood names!  Posters and tote bags and little prints and tshirts!  It’s all just oozing with Thunder Bay.

Who are the creative minds behind this clever endeavour?


This diabolical genius is a diagnostic imaging technician by day, a printing press operator by night, and a mommy all the time (to the cutie pictured below)! 

She’s also an avid bike polo player,  a fantastic seamstress, and a lovely person with a great sense of humour.  

Aimee loves finding great bargains, shopping and eating locally, and planning fun parties with her friends.

Traveling, family love, beer, cool sneakers, gardening, and her big fuzzy puppy round out this eclectic gem of a person!



I think Jay might like bikes and bike polo even more then Aimee, but he’s probably tied with her in his love for creating fun products to sell at Knife Fight Press!

Jay also loves music (vinyl forever), and his doggy, pickles, and cheese.  

He works for a software designing company during the day, but he wouldn’t say no to watching a good ball game and a having a cold beer after work.  Or perhaps something stronger.


Did the above descriptions sound like creepy personal ads?

Ah well, I’m fine with it.  These two are pretty easy on the eyes as well!

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