Maddy enjoys living life to the fullest.  

She likes good food, fancy drinks, pretty dresses, pedicures, movie dates, super heroes, Star Wars, Buffy, and sparkles!!!

She works hard and plays harder.

Maddy has a little sister, a little brother, and four little cousins that help make life a bit more interesting.  

She’s as comfortable at a wild party as she is cuddling on the couch with a little twerp friend.  

Case in point:

Maddy also loves dancing with her dance troupes, Army of Sass and Les Coquettes Rouge.  

But seriously, all that pales in comparison to Maddy’s tendency to play dress up with cats.

It’s hard to say who enjoys it more, Maddy or the kitty-cat.

Maddy.  Clearly Maddy enjoys it more.

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