Scott gets the honour of being the first victim in a drive-by-photographing!  

He also hollered at me from his car window to take his picture.  Because he is shameless!

Look at shameless grin!

Well, I think scott has a few reasons to smile.  

He owns one of the best restaurants in the city (my opinion) and he recently partnered with Jason (from a previous post) to re-launch New Day Records.

And he has magic powers.  Magic red-head!

I’m going to tell you something really freaky, dear readers, are you ready?

About two years ago, when I was dining at The Sovereign Room, Scott stopped at the table to chat.  He also rubbed my belly.  Oh yeah, I was pregnant at the time.  

You guys…

My baby is a red head.

Was it genetics or was it the magic touch of this entrepreneurial ginger elf?

A mystery it will remain.

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