I’ve been walking by this little plant/fresh cut flowers/decor store on Bay Street several times a week…for months.

Why didn’t I go inside?  

What was stopping me?  

I love locally owned businesses and I love plants.  

I think it must have been psychological.  I inadvertently kill all plants that come into my home.  I was merely staying away from Thuja for the safety of the plants.

But I went in on a whim last week…

And it’s beautiful.  I walked in the door and was met with classy, fresh, simple, and lovely.

And also, this woman: 

I know, that’s a far away picture.  You can’t really see Brittany too well.  But this welcoming image upon entering the shop will make a lasting impression!

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Brittany randomly decided to take a part time job at a flower shop while studying science and psychology at Lakeahead University.

After nine years working with flowers and plants, Brittany decided to open her own flower shop and Thuja Floral Design was born in July if 2015.

We need a closer look at this amazing shop-owner I think: 

In response to me asking about her favourite flower, Brittany said, “The peony- they’re super fluffy and girly, and only available for a few short months per year so they seem extra special!”

I don’t know about you, but that makes me want a peony!  

Locally owned flower shop with a concentration in Ontario grown flowers?  

I’m there!  And you’ll want to be too!

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