I ran into this delightful ray of sunshine after finishing up at an appointment on Algoma St.

At first I didn’t think he was real.  

Because look at him!  

A sweet smile, an angelic face, and a lovely bit of blond hair.  

Do young men like when people say stuff like that about them?  

Is that something a mother would say?

Well…I am a mother.  And likely old enough to be this guy’s mom. 

But!  It’s not all cute and sweet here, people!  

This guy is ripped and can bench press a yak.  

And a few days ago, I saw this poster, so I know now that Cam is actually a real person!

Cam came from Southern Ontario and studied Kinesiology at Lakehead University.  He followed his passion and created a career for himself.  

Now he’s working full time at his own business, helping people with exercise and nutrition.  With Cam’s help, you could be the best possible version of yourself.  

Working out with a trainer isn’t for everyone, but Cam truly loves what he does; nothing gives him a bigger high than helping someone achieve their fitness goals!

Oh yeah, bench press a yak.  Remember that.

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