If you’re on Bay St, you might come across a modest gift shop by the name of Take a Hike, across from The Hoito/Finlandia.  

On the surface, Take a Hike is a great gift shop for the outdoors enthusiast.  Or, as the sign says, an outdoor lifestyle store!

There are definitely a lot of products and clothing geared towards camping, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits. But don’t let that keep you away if you’re not exactly an ‘outdoorsy’ person because there are other things too!

Today I saw discounted Christmas ornaments, children’s books, and blue tooth speakers!

And here’s another sight that met my eyes:


She’s just standing there, beaming!  

And she has good reason to beam!

This is Take a Hike’s twentieth year in operation (six years at this current location)!

Diane has dedicated twenty years of her life to building connections, networking and providing excellent customer service to the people of Thunder Bay.  

The hard work has really paid off.  Take a Hike has a swanky track record, listed in the entrance of the store for everyone to see:

This is pretty exciting!  Diane is excited too:

Thank you Diane for always welcoming me (and my kids) into your store with, ahem, open arms!

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