A few years ago, I started frequenting a nice nail salon by the name of Totally Polished U Nail Spa.

The owner was friendly, the staff were talented, and the location was great.  

But then they moved.  

But then I moved!  

It’s time to put these ladies back on my radar.

This is Fernanda:

She is an inspiration.  Twenty-five years ago, Fernanda was diagnosed with cancer.  She fought a brave battle and went on to get married, and give birth to two amazing miracle children.  

She began studying esthetics about fourteen years ago, around the time she found out she was pregnant.  

She’s never looked back.  It’s always onward and forward with this talented and kindhearted lady!  


This is Christiene:

I caught her straightening a chair. That is Christiene: always making sure every detail of her establishment is on-point.  

Christiene never dreamed she’d own a spa when she first arrived in Thunder Bay in 1983.  She’s spent many years giving private golf lessons and perfecting her curling game. 

She’s strong, opinionated and passionate about equality and treating people with respect.  She’s also a fashion and style lover.  Christiene knows you can have perfect nails and still be a strong feminist.  Treat yourself.


This is Dayna

I don’t want to diminish Dayna’s accomplishments and inner beauty, but this woman is adorable!  She is like a walking scavenger hunt with little surprises scattered here and there: a red streak in her hair, delightfully whimsy tattoos, and understated little sparkles imbedded in her skin.

The first time Dayna sat down in a salon and had her nails done, she was completely infatuated and knew at that moment what she wanted to do.  After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Dayna began chasing her dream.

She is coming up to her one year anniversary of being an esthetician.  With many more years to come!


This is Joan:

Joan is a feisty lady with a killer sense of humour.  You have to have a great sense of humour when you work as a teacher!  

Joan spent many years educating the city’s young people and then spent time working as a principal.  After 39 years of hard work, she deserves to be spoiled a bit.  

Joan has been a loyal customer to Frank Ruberto for over two decades; he’s the man who gives her the great hair.  And the ladies at Totally Polished U set her up with amazing nails every four weeks.  There’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel great with some luxuries like a great haircut and fabulous manicures.  You go, Joan!


Thank you for a fun morning, ladies.  I’ll be back!

Sorry about the closed eyes Christiene.  You were saying something to me while I was taking pictures.  I think it turned out really cute regardless.

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