Jen is a beautiful young woman whose energy for getting out and getting things done astounds me.  

She loves taking her kids out on grand adventures just as much as she loves hanging out with her friends, laughing and visiting, accompanied by some good wine.

Looking back a few years, Jen never imagined she’d be where she is today.

In another lifetime, Jen dreamed of the north.  As a very young woman, she left southern Ontario and headed to the wilds of Northwestern Ontario.  

Jen worked at a bush camp that caters to American tourists interested primarily in fishing.  During her time there, she learned how to fly a small plane, how to be a dispatch officer, and she also met her husband.

Fast forward to the present: Jen is married with three young children, living the life of a stay-at-home parent.  And while her husband is still flying planes for the bush camp (from late spring to late fall), she holds down the fort in the city (with several road trips thrown in for visiting). 

It can be difficult and exhausting, but Jen loves her children and loves the little family she never expected to have so soon.

Happiness and and zest for life surround Jen like an aura as she moves through each day.

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