A few years ago, a young man wandered onto my property and started going through my laundry.

No wait, I was having a yard sale and he was looking at tshirts.  He didn’t say much, but did buy several shirts.

This past summer, I saw this same young man at Busker Fest and asked him to take a picture of me and my cousin.  Which he did, with the included bonus of several funny-faced selfies. 

Last week, I invited this young man out for a drink because he’s lovely and I felt like I needed his picture.  

For my collection. Yeeeees, my collection….

Oh, and I didn’t pay for his drinks, sooooooo….in the future if I invite you somewhere, I prooooobably won’t pay.  Just a heads up.

Kevin has recently started up a Facebook blog wherein he (and a friend) will be tasting and reviewing 100 different kinds of whiskey (and cheese) in 2017.  

It’s very interesting if you like whiskey.  

And I do! 

So, considering our mutual enjoyment of whiskey and the fact that we twins (eerily similar childhoods!), I thought I would make my People of Port Arthur debut.  

By that I mean, show my face!

At first we were sweet.  

Then sassy.  

Then things got weird.

Kevin works for a printing business and he’s also in a band.  The Bay Street Bastards, or something.  

His hair is also magestic.  

That is all.

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