I like to think I’m good at reading signals.  Like, if someone didn’t want to talk, I hope I’d pick up on that and leave the person alone.

But when you go to a restaurant, the serving staff are basically paid to be nice to customers.  So theoretically, I can talk and talk (and talk) to the workers and they kind of have to listen to me!  

A captive audience for sure.

Yesterday I met some lovely individuals while lunching at Nook.  Nook is becoming one of my favourite dining experiences due, in no small part, to the wonderful workers.

This is Kristy:

Don’t you just looooove that facial expression?!?  Looking at that face is making me happy!

I think Kristy is so happy because this week marks one full year of working at Nook!  Happy workiversary!

Prior to taking the job at Nook, Kristy lived in Alberta for fifteen years.  She grew up in Dorion, then went west, then came back to be closer to family.  

I’ve heard of a lot of people returning home after extended absences, often to be closer to loved ones.  So far Kristy is pretty happy with her decision.  She loves relaxing with her boyfriend and their doggy, George.  

And there’s nothing better than a hilarious board (or rude card) game with a group of good friends!

Do something else silly, Kristy!

I love it, what a perfect smile!


This is Aaron:

Aaron has worked at Nook since the summer.  I think he’s a pretty busy guy!  

He’s also kind of tall.  But don’t you go thinking he was born that way!  Oh no, he was a delicate flower until age 16, when he blossomed into a sturdy weed.

Did I just insult Aaron?  I bet some tall people get sick of being compared to weeds…

I think he can handle it though.  He was a tree planter in the wilds of Alberta for twelve summers in a row!  He is likely able to defend himself against grizzly bears, never mind a few horticultural comparisons.

Aaron also has a Masters degree in visual art and teaches print making at Lakehead.

Having said all that, what I like best about Aaron (besides the fact that he’s a talented artist and a hard worker) is that he likes ravens and crows.  

This look says, “There are 120 different species in the corvid family, but ravens have my heart.  Evermore!”

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