I formally met Leane many months ago while browsing in a store on Algoma Street.  

It wasn’t formal in the sense that we shook hands or curtsied for each other.  

There were no tiaras.  


It was formal in the sense that I used to see Leane around the halls, back in the days of yor (aka, high school), but we never actually met.  

But then I met her and I wanted to rip her eyebrows off her forehead and glue them onto my own forehead.

Does that sound creepy?



That’s from our formal greeting.  So yeah, no tiaras, but isn’t she just radiating a glorious aura of zen and happiness?  

And beautiful eyebrows.  

Don’t forget the brows.

She’s lovely.  And she’ll rub you all over if you give her money.



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Wacky, wonderful, and full of a thousand different lifetimes worth of wisdom. 

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