Michelle has a mom and a dad and a sister and they’re a super close family.  

I’ve seen the four of them out and about, doing fun family activities together, despite the fact that Michelle and her sister are all grown up.  

It’s clear that Michelle – and her sister too – were raised well and have grown into caring and respectful adults who genuinely enjoy interacting with their parents as friends.  

It warms my heart.  Like a steamy cup of coffee from The Waking Giant at Thunder Bay Country Market.

Oh heeeeeeey, that’s a weird coincidence!

Michelle just happens to work at Waking Giant on Saturday mornings! 

A coincidence but not really?

I took a whole bunch of adorable pictures of Michelle in action.  

You know, doing her thing, pouring the coffee.  

Special appearance by a woman whose name I forget but said she was ok with being in the picture!

Essentially, she’s giving the people what they want! 

Michelle also works at the University during the regular work-week, and is also a photographer in spare time.

And she’s a word lover!  

She loves big beautiful words like ostentatious and onomatopoeia and cumbersome and kenopsia and nemophilist.  She loves to learn about the origin of interesting English words, but also words from other languages.  The fact that Michelle is fluent in Mandarin is definitely a positive push in the love for words and languages.

A single word can be a world and every letter a land – Brian Froud


  1. Hey this is my long time friend Michelle!!! This is so cool!!

    1. Author

      Well you never know who you’re going to see!

  2. The mystery woman is Inez Lazzari

    1. Author

      Oooo, mystery solved! Hopefully I’ll catch her again!

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