I met Sarah at Take Back the Night in the fall.  I sat down beside her and soon discovered we were born in the same year.

And she has a sister named Mary.  

Over the next several hours, I casually gleaned more information.  Because that’s what I do.  

Please, Sarah,  tell me your life story.  

Ok, strange lady whom I’ve never met before!

Sarah has been at Lakehead University for awhile now and will be getting her undergrad degree in English lit very shortly.

Her plan then is to pursue graduate studies under the Humanities umbrella.  Sarah will be studying disappearing culture and heritage; more specifically, the ways in which conflict is eroding culture in Germany and Europe.  


No really, it’s ok.  

Sarah loves being a nerd.  

She first discovered her love for literature and the written word as a young child.  She was bored with all the ‘kid books’ and picked up Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy and fell in love. 

Reading this book as a child became the foundation of a lifetime love affair with books and words.  

More people should be lucky enough to have that kind of love.  Every book is an adventure just waiting to be discovered!

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