When I think of Scott, this is what comes to mind, a totally unposed and random moment:

And when you see that there, take it aaaaaalll in, then it should come as no surprise to learn that Scott married way out of his league.  To a beautiful Columbia woman.

Kidding of course!

She’s Argentinian.

As well as being a husband and father to a delightful little spitfire, Scott loves to shoot things.  He’s an avid hunter and a gifted photographer.  

He has the eye.  

Scott can hit a target with a bullet and he knows what look good on camera.

He is also a writer, having just written a script for a short film that is currently in production with many local performers, both behind and in front of the cameras.

He’s definitely deep in the arts scene here in Thunder Bay!  He’s even in a band!  AND he works at Magnus theatre, a fabulous organization that brings in well known theatrical performances from all over the country.

What a class act: a decent human being with a kind heart.

And yes, despite his wonderfulness, I still maintain that his gorgeous wife married beneath her.  

You hear that Scott?!  Don’t let all that fabulousness go to your fuzzy cue-ball head! 

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