I go to Shoppers drug mart a lot because it’s right there.  By right there, I mean it’s a five minute walk from my house.

Naturally, over the past several months, some of the employees are starting to recognize me.  So again, naturally, I’m all up in their faces with my camera.


This is Taylor:

Every time I see Taylor, she’s smiling and helping customers without a single complaint.  Taylor has a passel of adorable doggy-fur children and studied graphic design at Lakehead.  She’s taking a bit of a break now to regroup and figure out what she wants to do next.  Regardless of what she decides to do, Taylor’s makeup game is always on point.  We’ve talked about eyebrows on more than one occasion!


This is Suzanne:

Unfortunately, I didn’t write down what Suzanne and I talked about when I took her picture.  But she is always working hard when I see her.  I do remember her delightful French accent and was pretty grateful when she helped me pick out some tasty food items.  She was at first hesitant to have her picture taken but one of her co-workers told her to go for it!


This is Ashley:

When I asked Ashley if I could take her picture, she said, “YES!! Wait, what’s this for?”  She recently left Shoppers Drug Mart to be a full-time nurse at the hospital.  I have a feeling she’s doing well in her new profession; it was pretty obvious to me that she jumps in first and asks questions later; ready for all the adventures and challenges that come her way!

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