I ran into a cute couple a few days ago.  They were in line behind me, waiting for haircuts!

Dan works at International Clothing in the mall and at Value Village as the village idiot.  

Noooo!!!  Just kidding!  Those were his words, not mine.

Amanda works at Home Depot full time and is kept pretty busy with her two daughters.

Annnnnnnd, Amanda doesn’t even live in Port Arthur.  Can you believe it?

She’s a special guest though because she visits Dan all the time; Dan’s a Current River boy, born and raised!

They’ve been together for about six years and their favourite thing to do as a couple is sing karaoke.  They’ve even won a few prizes!

The sweetest thing happened to them on Valentine’s Day last week!  They were dining at In Common, partaking in some delicious snacks and bevvies.  

When they went to pay the bill, the server told them it was taken care of.  How sweet is that?!  They were told to just pay it forward sometime.  

Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart?

Well, it warms mine.  I’m a sucker for cute couples and Good Samaritan stories.

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