For the past three years in July, the Bay/Algoma area in Port Arthur has been home to a pretty special two-day festival.

The Busker Fest!

Two days of performances (musicians, hula hooping, magic), vendors, food, kid activities, and closed streets.  

It’s so fun to wander around and see the sights, no matter the weather.

Such a great family-friendly (and free) event takes a lot of planning and all that planning starts months prior to the actual event!

Behold!  I give you the Busker Fest planning committee:

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer looking committee anywhere in the city.

Shall we meet them, person by person?

1. Uriel: A local photographer and film maker.  He studied film making at Con College and loves to be creative and enjoys working on projects that benefit the city.

2. Brian: Owner of the Bean Fiend Cafe on Algoma Street.  He is a daddy to a human child and a couple fur babies, and he’s a huge supporter of local events.

3 & 4. Mike and Helen: Co-owners of Pop’s Kettle corn. Their kettle corn is available all over the city at various locations and at Canadian Tore stores across North Western Ontario.

5. Kevin: Okay, we’ve seen this guy before.

6. Lisa: Owner and Operator of Drive Wise Thunder Bay.  A smart business owner and mom to a houseful of kids.

7: Reggie: He works at Winners and volunteers a lot of his time to many organizations around the city.

We met Kevin a couple weeks ago. Hopefully we’ll meet the others on the committee more indepthly in the weeks and months to come.

The Busker Fest seems to get bigger and better every year.  This will be an interesting summer as we see what happens for Busker’s fourth year!

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