If you want coffee and cute guys, you best be stopping by St Paul Roastery. 

Guess where that is…

Yes, it’s on St Paul Street!

And honestly?  Coffee and cute guys is the dream.  Throw in a cookie and you’ve got a Big C Trifecta!

First, look at Stefan:

He’s working on a computer so you know he’s smart.

Now look at Cam:

He’s making a cup of coffee so you know he’s dedicated.

Stefan and Cam have been friends for years!

Stefan is a cyclist; Cam is a runner.

Stefan went to school for engineering and Cam was in general arts. They both attended Lakehead University.

St Paul Roastery was born out of mutual love for coffee.  They’ve been open for a year and a half, but the idea for opening a shop was in the brain think-tank for a couple years prior.

Stefan and Cam roast all of their own beans and provide several restaurants in town with coffee, including the Tomlin, The Sovereign Room, The Foundry, and Prime Gelato.

Stefan and Cam are both super funny and friendly and, most importantly, they smell amazing.

I don’t actually know if they smell amazing.  I’m just assuming.  They marinate in beautiful coffee smell all day long, it stands to reason that they smell delectable!

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