I first saw this fella over a decade ago, strolling the streets of Port Arthur.  I saw him around campus too, so I assume he was pursuing some sort of education.  

But walking.  I always saw him walking.  Starting about 14 years ago until a couple years ago.  Often in the same areas of the city.  In that regard, perhaps THIS guy is Mr Downtown Port Arthur!  

Is there such a person?  We could actually call him that and it would be accurate.

Ooooorrrr we could just call him Cam.  Because that’s his name.

And he’s a big fella with a big ol braid of black hair.  Which is probably why he was easy to spot walking the streets over the past decade.  

I briefly considered asking Cam to bring that braid out to a more forefront location.  You know, for the photo!  Not for me to ogle.  I would NEVER do that.  

At any rate, I kept my manners because Cam here is recovering from surgery.  Be nice to people when they’re physically weakened.  That’s my motto of the day.  

Next time I run into Cam, however, I will be sucker punching him in the gut.

Cam has worked many jobs throughout his adulthood, but for the past seven years, he’s been working as a mental health worker in remote northern communities.

There are many communities, generally First Nations, that are quite far removed from the larger population in urban areas and bigger cities.  These communities have limited resources and limited people working in professional capacities, such as healthcare workers, psychiatrists, case workers, and the like.

Cam has been just about everywhere you can think of in the most northernly places of Ontario.  He flies or drives in for an extended period of time, assessing people and determining what resources they need, and offering help in whatever capacity possible.

It’s an incredibly taxing job, but it’s also very rewarding.  He’s helping.  Within a few minutes of conversing with Cam, it’s so clear that he cares.  

Beneath, what could be considered an, intimidating exterior, lies a heart just bursting with love and compassion for his brothers and sisters of the north, and right here in the city too!

Cam is authentic and tries his very best to live a life doing no harm.  He’s really doing a great job.

Chi meegwetch, Cam.


  1. Cam is a great and much needed resource to the northern communities. He does it with a big heart that reaches out to every person he meets. It’s such a great pleasure working with him. Don’t let his size intimidate you, he’s a big teddy bear and loves hugs!

    1. Author

      Thanks for commenting! He seems like a great guy, with whom I’m honoured to share my community

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