My waiter at the Sovereign Room this weekend had a very fun piece of jewelry!

Why didn’t I take a close up?!   

Try and look at that ring: a bronze cheetah head!  How very animalistic!  How very chic!

I think Dane gets his power from this ring.

But at least he’s not getting power from his scary black boots anymore!

Ohhh, for the third time on this blog, I’m talking about boots without an appropriate picture to go along.  

Just imagine, if you can, black ankle-high boots with a slight clunky heel.  These boots have been relegated to the back of Dane’s closet because whenever he wears them….strange things happen!

For instance, several years ago, Dane wore his black boots to the Sovereign Room, as a customer.  

Somehow, he managed to kick a table, then flip the table, then was told to leave and never come back.

Could that have had anything to do with having a few too many and losing sense of logic and good behaviour?  Perhaps!  But it’s a better story to say that those black boots turned Dane-Hyde into Jekyl.  It’s better for everyone if Dane keeps the boots locked away and wears this ring instead!

After being asked to leave the Sovereign Room, Dane returned the next day to apologize.  Now he works there!  

It’s a happy ending for everyone!

Dane also is a French supply teacher, proving that he’s not just a pretty face.  He’s got a sweet brain under that hat!

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