I think it’s about time we meet Diane.

The first time I saw her was many years ago while she was working as the manager of Ardène’s at the mall.  She seemed good natured, friendly, and extremely professional.

Later on, I learned that everything I thought was actually true. 

Diane is definitely good natured, friendly, and professional.  She’s also super smart, ridiculously beautiful, and funny.  She can be super silly and she’s one of the nerdiest and geekiest people I’ve ever met.  Just knowing someone like Diane exists makes me happy.

Here she is…

Oh wait, that’s Cousin It, pardon me.  

Here she is…

She looks classy regardless of whether she’s crouched and slouched or posing pretty.

Diane is married to a super funny guy and they have a lot of fun laughing together, traveling together, and Diane frequently helps out with her husband’s business, a very popular bar in the down town area.

Diane teaches online classes at The Sioux Hudson Literacy council, and loves to draw, gaming, irreverent adult cartoons (like Archer and Futurama), Chinese dragon dancing, sword play, cosplay, modelling, cats, scary movies, and so much more.  

She’s just so damn interesting!  I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

See?  Sexy AND silly!  


  1. very cool! and the amazing building where I had my first studio 🙂

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