Emily is a nerd.  

She told me she was a nerd on Friday night, at Tony and Adams, where she was hosting a Science North 19+ event for other nerdy adults.  

I mean, those glasses say it all, right?

Emily has been working at Science North Thunder Bay for a number of years.  Last week there was an event every day in honour of Science North’s fifth annual science festival.

Yesterday my mom took my kids to a display at the University; that was for the whole family, but mainly kids.  Friday night was for adults.  

Once a month, give or take, Science North puts on a Nerd Nite at a local bar, as a fun event for adults.  The idea is to gather up some friends, have some good and/or drinks, listen to some speakers talk about interesting topics (such as Cephalopods, Coffee, Politics, Math, anything really), and then there’s a trivia game with prizes.  

Emily is so good at talking to the crowd and introducing the speakers.  She’s also great at organizing parties and events, which is why she’s such an integral part of the science north team!  

“I’m, like, basically an event planner!”

She’s also really good at talking to kids as she works with the Sciencr North Camps for kids in Thunder Bay (at the Thunder Bay Bots and Girls club).  Emily is a mother to a young son and she’s really great a communicating with kids and reaching out to them on a level of respect and approachability.

Aside from being a big nerd, Emily loves spending time with her mom and sister (we will see them both on this site soon), her husband and son.  Camping, hiking, and other nature-loving activities, are the way into Emily’s pine tree shaped heart!

And, as you can see, she really likes posing as if she’s thinking about something interesting.  

Of course, only Emily knows for sure if she’s thinking about science-y things like fossils or stalagmites, OR if she’s thinking about her hubby’s cute butt!  

I’ve never seen her hubby’s butt, but I think we can safely assume it’s pretty cute.  

Cute enough for this gal, obvi.

Whatcha thinking about Emily?  Come on, let us know!

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