Today I met a fella named Gabe and he has amazing style.  

Seriously, look at him!

If I were a dude, I’d want to look like him.

Gabe grew up with two sisters and a momma who was a teacher and devoted to the public school system (I neglected to ask about his dad).  Thankfully momma was very encouraging to Gabe who wanted to pursue a career in hair style.

Oh, and funny story!  Gabe got kicked out of beauty school!

Yes sir, you’re looking at the rebel hairdresser!  Thunder Bay couldn’t handle his brand of intensity so he packed up and hightailed it South, where he finished his style education in Toronto.

Don’t worry, it’s funny.  

See?  He’s laughing!

Gabe came back to good ol’ T-Bay and worked in many different salons (gaining impressive street cred and talent along the way) before ending up at Red River Trading Company.  He cuts the hair and his bestie, Vanessa, tattoos the skin!

What I love about Gabe (and another reason why I’m going to call him the rebel hairdresser) is that he charges unisex prices.  It all depends on the length of hair you have and the kind of style you want.  He’s also open to all kinds of different products and doesn’t mind if his clients use box dye on their hair.

He’s like, three thousand times cooler than your mom’s hair dresser!

Oh yeah, I got a hair cut.

Go see Gabe.  Bring cash.


  1. Well, I’m his momma and I’m not biased – but he really is a fantastically talented guy with hair. He cuts mine of course, and even as it grows out it looks great! He is the best! I love him.

    1. Author

      Well I should hope he cuts his Momma’s hair! What a great son and a terrific person!

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