I put Joey on the spot a few nights ago.  He was cleaning tables.  He was trying to get the restaurant ready for close.  I just KNOW he wanted us to leave!

The restaurant in question is Nook.  You know, one of my regular haunts.  The food is good and there are plenty of staff members to annoy, I mean meet!!

Say hi to Joey.  He doesn’t really like this picture.  And the lighting is bad…

But I thought it captured a certain bemused bewilderment.

Joey has worked at Nook for five months now and is really wnjoying it.  He recently moved back to Thunder Bay to regroup and relax for awhile.  

Prior to returning to TBay, Joey was the sound engineer at The Hard Rock Cafe for three years.  Prior to that he toured all around North America (as sound engineer) with popular bands such as Bush, Seether, and Alice Cooper.

It’s clear Joey has been living a very exciting life for the past decade.  Sometimes it’s just necessary to press reset and refocus.

Joey doesn’t like this picture either but I think it’s great!  He’s wringing his hands in frustration!  Please leave so I can go home!!

I wish you all the best as you figure out your next step, Joey!


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