Hey, it’s February!  That means Valentine’s Day is coming up real quick.  

Do you think of it as a fake Hallmark holiday designed to encourage consumerism?  Or do you think of it as a nice excuse to be sappy and gooey with your chosen lover?  

Or maybe both?

You know what would make a good gift for your lady (if you keep company with a lady)?

Underwear.  Yup.  

Even if she doesn’t want fancy lace underthings, most people appreciate a good cotton brief.  True story.

If you’re in the mall, you should stop by La Senza.  You don’t even really need me to tell you that, right? Get some underwear for yourself or your lover and visit with the stunning sales clerks!

Side note: Intercity Mall would definitely be the very end of my Port Arthur territory.  It’s up for debate as it’s in the middle, but I was shopping and I liked these ladies so I’m going with it.

Now full disclosure, since taking this picture, the taller of the two women has since relocated to a new city.  It would be silly to simply scrap this picture though and let me show you why!

Say hello to Marissa (taller) and Sabrina (shorter):




Would it be appropriate to say something like, awooooga?!

Too much?



Marissa up there on the left (or Wonder Woman as I called her), is originally from Waterdown Ontario and spent many wonderful years in Thunder Bay and made a nice life for herself and Winston, the pug!

She is an amazingly dedicated worker.  She studied fashion in post secondary school and is a complete professional when it comes to helping women find what they need.  Or, helping men find what they need (either for themselves or for a gift, no judgements)!

I wish Marissa well in her new home, helping the people of a new city find fabulous briefs for their butts and boobs!  

Sabrina up there on the right (or Harley Quinn as I called her), is originally from Thunder Bay and is the youngest (and only daughter) of four children.  It’s pretty clear that she’s also the most adorable of the four siblings.  She agreed.

Sabrina loves dressing up in fancy clothes and costumes, experimenting with hair colour and makeup, and has recently started expressing herself further with beautiful body art.

Sabrina also loves lounging around in sweatpants, eating gross food, and watching Netflix with her boyfriend.  

I’d say she strikes a nice balance between living a fancy life and living a casual life.  And she’s incredibly enthusiastic and helpful while at work.  100% fabulous when it comes to customer service!

Three cheers for beautiful women who want to sell me underwear!

And three cheers for strong intelligent women earning money while doing what they love.

And three cheers for rhinestone bedecked boobs on Valentine’s Day!


  1. Prior to amalgamation Intercity Mall sits on what would have been Port Arthur. The bridges over the floodway were the boundaries.

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