Nancy is pictured here at Hey Sailor, on the job, selling beautiful dresses and accessories. 

I’m of the opinion that Nancy is one of the most beautiful and talented people in the whole city, never mind just Port Arthur.  

I’d be willing to go even further and say she’s one of the greatest beauties and talents of the modern era!  

But she’s super humble; I can hear her protests now, “Oh shut up Leah, I’m an awkward goofball and I talk to myself and eat cheezies by the truckload.”  

Well Nancy, I don’t want to hear it, ok?!

So anyway, you might see Nancy selling gorgeous dresses at Hey Sailor OR you might see her selling whimsical and punk rock (handmade) jewelry at various artisan sales (she does custom orders too) OR you might see (and hear) Nancy singing and dancing on stage with her band Morning Light or other groups.

Wait, there’s more!

You might catch Nancy and her husband jamming out together, in a smaller and acoustic version of the band, called Morning Light Light OR you might see Nancy hosting a naughty sex toy bingo party or a drag show OR you might see Nancy selling Lipsense (the best lipstick ever) to her friends and acquaintances.

Does this girl ever sleep?

Likely not.  

She is also mommy to an adorable little boy who keeps her pretty busy!

Oh fancy Nancy, why didn’t I take a few dozen more pictures of you?!

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