Shelley has lived in Canada, specifically the north side of Thunder Bay, for seven years.

Where was she before that?

This feisty blond dynamo was  born in Texas, moved to Colarado, then spent most of her childhood and early adult years in the sweet suburbia of Detroit Michigan.

So how’d she end up here?

Well first you must understand that Shelley is actually a super hero!


Shelley was a married mother of two when she made the move north of the 49th parallel.  

She spent a lot of time raising her daughters before returning to school to become a nurse.

Now a single mom, working hard at the health unit, Shelley is unapologetically strong and self reliant.  She works hard to create a space of inner beauty and feminist strength for her daughters.  What a great example she is, to her children and to her friends!

And she’s compassionate, hilarious, and has great style!  I mean, just look at this lamp she bought!  Fits right in with the Frida Kahlo adorned walks of Shelley’s abode.

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