It’s Valentine’s Day!  And regardless of how YOU feel about it, I feel like being mushy.

So there!

Now, when I think about mush and goo and romance, I think about Tom and Amy.

Which is interesting, they also make me think about words like, fun and intelligent and practical and silly and adventurous!

Don’t they look great together?!  

Good gracious, they’re so lovely!

Okay, Tom’s eyes are a bit closed but you have to take my word for it that he’s every bit as handsome as Amy is beautiful.

Tom’s parents were born in Germany and immigrated to Canada, where they eventually purchased a resort near Temagami.  It’s so beautiful and peaceful and a wonderful place to visit if you like outdoorsy vacations.  Tom spent his childhood there with his family and grew to love nature and ecology.

In this way, he is such a perfect match for Amy.  

Amy grew up fishing and hunting with her family and spent so many years with the Scouts, Ventures, and Rovers.  She is now a scout leader and is cultivating a love and respect for nature in the young people of today, who will of course be the leaders of tomorrow.

Tom worked for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans until they closed the Thunder Bay office. Now he’s an environmental planner with MTO.  His job is to make sure that the highways don’t impact fish, birds, turtles, and other wildlife.
And again, proving that they are a match made in the heavens and stars, Amy is a surface water specialist with the Ministry of Environment and Water Change. It’s a pretty glamorous position entailing the review and minimization of the environmental impact from  mines, water power facilities, and landfills.

Uncanny.  These two!!! 

I literally have hearts in my eyes right now!

Young scientists in love?  It’s pretty clear that she blinded him with science.

Tom and Amy have a goofy black lab named Bruce, as well as two kitties named Oscar and Charlie.  For fun, these two love-birds spend as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors: fishing, ice fishing, hiking, and camping.

I hope you two have a nice day together!  Please eat some chocolate cake and do some smooching.

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