Sunday morning, while brunching with some of my squad (I love how pretentious that makes me sound), we were joined by a gaggle of gorgeous girls!  

Perhaps I should refer to them as women, but I’m really into alliteration.  

So girls it is!

It was such a treat to be in close quarters with this group because I had just seen them several days prior, on the stage at the Finlandia, performing the latest Cambrian Players triumph, The Full Monty.

See what I mean by gaggle:

That dude at the back-right is, of course, none other than number eight AND not part of the ‘girl gaggle’.  

He does, however, have a role in The Full Monty AND he’s really good at girl-talk.  We told him to go sit with the girls so the numbers would be more even on either side of the table.  And because, you know, he’s in theatre with them; it just made sense. 

Who else can we see besides Jay?  

Shall we get some numbers and go around the table?

1. Julie: Mother and wife and she works Northwest Health Alliance.  Her husband is a talented photographer and it’s pretty exciting to know these two creative people are raising the next generation.

2. Jessica works with Slightly off Broadway, a theatre production company for all ages.  She went to theatre school and is having a lot of fun helping other people develop their creativity through singing, dancing, and acting.

3. Little Emmy.  I think that’s her name.  Maybe it was Emma!  Oh dear!  Well she’s an adorable young child of about a year and a half.  Her main job in life is to be cute.

4. Candi.  The mother of the young child.  Also, the director of the play!  Candi’s main job is with Paramount Live, an amazing children’s theatre company right here in the city.  She and her husband spend a lot of time together, raising their daughter, and helping other children have fun and make amazing memories on stage.

5. Mari.  She lives out in the country with her partner and they are always trying to encourage their chickens to produce more eggs!  Mari is also a social worker and loves helping people.

6. Michele. She is a commander in the navy and has moved around a lot.  She used to live in Thunder Bay and be very involved with Cambrian Players but has to relocate again for work.  

Michele was able to fly in to see this show and had a wonderful time visiting with some of her closest friends, and leading all the actors in the pre-performance backstage push up challenge.  It’s a thing, people, and Michele rocks at it!

I loved seeing these actors off the stage, going about their every day lives.  They’re all very good friends and they’re all exceedingly talented.

If you’re able, you should consider seeing The Full Monday this week.

There will performances March 8th, March 9th, March 10th, and March 11th.  

It’s funny, high energy, musical, and just a tad risqué!


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