I’m gonna take you by surprise

And make you realize,


I’m gonna tell you right away,

I can’t wait another day,


I have it pretty good authority that Amanda’s parents were listening to the aforementioned classic rock tune by Boston when she was conceived.

It’s a rather sensuous song so it’s no wonder that this real life Amanda is so incredibly gorgeous.

Amanda has been working in esthetics for approximately three years now and has recently started working at Totally Polished.  

Yeah that’s right, she’s the new girl!

And this new girl will do pedicures, manicures, eyelashes, eyebrows, and waxing.  

But she hasn’t been trained to do a Brazilian wax so please, ladies and gentlemen, keep your pants on when you book an appointment with Amanda.  She will wax everything but the butt and butt-adjacent areas!

Amanda was born in Calgary but spent most of her childhood and adult life here in Thunder Bay.  She is well spoken, extremely professional and very kind.  She enjoys spending time with her cat Kayo.

I also found out that Amanda and I have a lot in common.  I mean, we both like getting our nails done, obviously.  But Amanda loves lifting weights and going to the gym.  She says, she’s addicted to going to the gym and I thought that was such a fantastic coincidence because I myself am addicted to not going to the gym!  

Two peas, people, two peas.

If your feet are feeling repulsive and disgusting, Amanda would probably be pretty thrilled to make your little piggies just shine!


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