Before I’m called out for showing favouritism to all the pretty young ladies of Port Arthur, let me come right out and say…

I’d like to introduce you to another pretty young lady!

A stunner, for realsies.

Ashley is a waiter and bartender at Nook and it’s always a pleasure to see her glowing smile as she makes her way through the tables.

Ashley is definitely a lover of food, both healthy and a little bit unhealthy too, so telling people (helping?) what delicious Italian order to order is right up her alley.

But when she’s not being serving up delectable cuisine, she is teaching yoga at the Body Mind Centre. What an incredibly appropriate name too because Ashley is all about keeping both her body and mind healthy and strong.  

Ashley also loves dancing, creating fun and fancy makeup looks, being in nature, her family and friends, and her teeny little puppy dog.  

This girl is all about balance.  Balance those plates of food; balance those chakras; balance responsibility with relaxation.

Thank you for being so magically fun, Ashley!

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