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Fridays in Fort William.

I’d like to introduce you to an amazing woman named Autumne.

Autumne grew up in a highly toxic environment and it has had a huge impact on every facet of her life, growing from childhood to the adult she is now.

She left her home and family at age 17 and has journied many roads, through despair, joy, love, and loss, then love again.  

Autumne is the poster-child (poster-woman?) for beating the odds and learning to heal and learning about self love.  Her strength amazes me.

Autumne was born in Southern Ontario, met her first husband there, then travelled north to Thunder Bay for her husband’s work.  Autumne went to school here and started a career as a social worker.  

One of Autumne’s dreams came true when she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy almost nine years ago.  Autumne loved being a mother and really wanted to make her family grow.

Sometimes life can seem very cruel and, in a strange conglomerate of events, Autumne experienced several miscarriages, a failed adoption attempt, a lengthy hospitalization, and finally, a divorce.  Each event had the potential to be life changing and traumatic, but to experience all in the period of a couple years was absolutely tragic.  

But Autumne is doing so well.  She is now engaged to a lovely man and they have a beautiful daughter together, and her son is such a light in her life.  Autumne suffers from PTSD and her anxiety sometimes resurfaces with a vengeance, but she is happy.  And she does not give up.

Look at her smiling face, she simply radiates pure love: 

That there is the face of perseverance.

  Autumne has been down to the bottom, but she didn’t stay there.  She urges anyone reading (who is struggling) to seek help.  There is no shame in being anxious or depressed; there is no shame in having a mental health diagnosis.  There are people who can help; people who want to help.  

You – yes YOU – are worth it. 

Everyone has a story and everyone is important.  Don’t let any negative voices in your head try to convince you otherwise.  

Much love and light to dear Autumne for sharing her story with me.  


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