I recently did a walk through my house and counted up all the local art and discovered I have about eleven little pieces from this amazing artist.  That’s not even including handmade jewelry.  

There’s something about Barbara’s art that is just so accesible.  She utilizes simple designs and soft colours  and relatable subject matter (the sleeping giant, a baby, a Russian nesting doll).  All her pieces are calming and make me feel super relaxed.

Barbara is just sooooo talented.  And as you can see, she’s ridiculously gorgeous!

She’s a beautiful person inside and out.  

Barbara is also married to an incredible artist and they do a lot of collaboration together.

Here she is at one of her part time jobs, a salesclerk at Elfarrow Apparel.  Barbara also teaches casually at the college and spends a lot of time wrangling her adorable children.

Barbara (also known as Barb or Barbara-Sue) radiates  positive energy from the moment you enter her presence until the moment you leave.  

She lives her life by attempting to do no harm.  She lives authentically and ethically and feels great satisfaction in passing on her values and her artistic energy to the next generation.

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