Hey, if you’re wondering whether or not Cat likes cats, then wonder no more.  

The answer is yes.  

Cat does, in fact, like cats.  Actually she loooooooves cats.

How many times can I say Cat or cats in one post?  I guess we’re about to find out!

Cat has two little cats named Gertrude and Nugget and they are incredibly adorable.

And that’s really all you need to know about Cat.

Just kidding!!!

Cat is, without a doubt, one of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met.  Regular readers of my other (now on the back-burner) blog will recognize Cat and her art as we’ve joined forces for several reader giveaways.  

Cat is always willing to help out where she can and she’s quick to offer her time to friends and family.

Many months ago, after my divorce was announced, Cat just showed up with a bag full of candy and a whole bunch of food.  

I mean, I had lots of support, but this is just something about Cat that always sticks out in my mind.  It’s not like she isn’t busy, but she just shows up, thoughtfully and quietly doing good deeds with no expectations.  She’s a wonderful human.

I made her sit down in my front porch so I could document her wonderfulness.  

Sit there!  Don’t move!  I must take your picture!

And she’s a talented artist (check out her art page), a fabulous chef, a gifted sales person, and a devoted auntie.

Ohhhh yeah, an auntie!!  Cat (number ninety-nine) is auntie to ninety-eight’s children!  It’s another People of Port Arthur sister team!

Cat also loves the movie Labyrinth, all things Muppet related, and teeny tiny miniature things.  I approve of all three!

And I approve of you, Cat!

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