If there’s one store that’s integral to the downtown scene and the art scene, it’s Fireweed.

Fireweed has literally been around, in the same location, since I was born.  It’s a small and unassuming shop on Algoma Street.  It’s bright yellow and flowery outside is just a clue to the treasures that lie within.

May I introduce you to the owners?

Crystal and Kerrie:

Crystal is a mother and grandmother and a very talented artist!  Her paintings have even been on display and auctioned off at the Thunder Bay art gallery.  Crystal was the regional manager for Learning Through the Arts, a program that brings artistic workshops to the classroom at various schools in the Lakehead Board.  She has recently ended her time with that job and made the decision to buy-in to Fireweed and become a joint owner. 

Kerrie is also a mother and grandmother.  And, of course, an artist!  She’s a Potter by trade and incredibly talented.


Cathy is also an artist.  Big surprise!  She makes cards, and does weaving, handbound notebooks, and more.  

Please note that gorgeous sweater that Cathy is wearing was handmade by local seamstress Joyce Sepalla Designs

Fireweed was Cathy’s brainchild.  Approximately 33 years ago, she and Kerrie realized they wanted an outlet away from the business of their homes.  They needed a place where they could get together, make art, and commune with other artists.

What started as two friends making and selling art, grew into an entire philosophy: bring local art to the people of Thunder Bay.  About 80% of the art sold at Fireweed is sourced from artists here in the city and the rest comes from the outlying areas.  All art is 100% Canadian made.

Crystal (the designer and painter of the brightly decorated outside) joined Kerrie and Cathy in ownership a few years ago and now they are three!  Three creative friends who make art, run a store togetger, and believe strongly in supporting local artists.  Oh, and they make itva point to get together at least once a month for dinner where they eat great food and laugh and talk for hours.

They are a perfect fit!  Much like Chrystal’s painting pants!!

So please remember, when you shop at Fireweed, you’re supporting local artist, Canadian artists, and Native artists.  You’re also supporting friendship, love, and beauty!  

This gem of a store is like a beating heart; pulsating and palpitating with the joy of creation!


  1. Awesome ~ you make me smile Leah, you write so wonderfully ~ you artist of story! Thank you love from all of us Artists at Fireweed 🙂

  2. Great store run by life long artists who CARE!!! Glad to see Fireweed getting attention! Well deserved.

  3. My favorite shop to buy special gifts for the people I love.I had been a neighbor of Fire weed since they opened their doors on Algoma until our family store closed a few years ago.I still go in whenever I need a gift and will continue to support 3 wonderful ladies.

    1. Author

      How lovely for the people you love, they get amazing gifts from you, amazing gifts that support local!!

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