This is how I like to imagine Dee: completely exhausted and staring blankly into the sweet warm abyss of a caffinated saviour.

Oh wait, I don’t have to imagine:

Don’t worry my darling, that’s Bean Fiend Coffee.  It’ll all be ok soon.

(Bean Fiend, on Algoma, will be discussed in an upcoming blog post)


Why is Dee so tired?

Because she’s a busy lady!  

It’s non-stop!

On top of being a mother to an almost teenager and caretaker to a teenage niece, Dee takes in rescue animals (with or without medical/psychological issues) and devotes herself to creating a loving and safe environment.  Her heart overflows with compassion for creatures in need; it really is a way of life at this point.

Dee is also very active in the performing arts scene in Thunder Bay and lends her artistic services to a huge variety of events.  

The list of what she can do and what she’s learning to do is lengthy: hula hooping, poi dancing, fire breathing, fire fans, various other pyrotechnics, and an assortment of stunts such as laying on a (homemade) bed of nails and cheek skewering with giant (completely sterilized) needles.  

Dee has also modelled wearable art at fashion shows like Derelicte and enjoys dressing up in fanciful costumes for cosplay and photography projects.

There isn’t really much that Dee wouldn’t be willing to try.  She loves learning new things and she works hard to develop her skills.  She also doesn’t compromise her values in order to make money.  Yes, she does need to feed her kids and fur babies, but no, she won’t take the easy way or conduct unfair business practices.

Integrity.  She has it.

Now drink that coffee, Dee.  

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