One of the best local businesses here in Port Arthur is Creation Body Piercing.  

It was good 15 years ago when I got my first piercing and it’s only gotten better with each passing year.

Two of Creation’s most notable employees are Jimmy and James.  I must admit, I was quite tickled to walk into the shop one day and bE face to face with the Double J.  Thunder Bay’s own Jim-Jam; Jimminy-Jamerson!  

Does anybody else think that’s funny?  


Just me?

Aaaaalrighty then!

Here’s Jimmy:

If you’re a regular visitor to the downtown area, likely you’ll recognize this guy.  Of course, he’s gotten progressively hairier over the years.

Jimmy has worked at Creation for at least a decade now and is the founder (co-founder) of two local event planning businesses.

First: Wiggins Productions.  Through this organization, Jimmy is responsible for bringing multitudes of rock shows and parties and festivals to the masses.  

Second: WERQ TBay.  Through this organization, Jimmy is one of the people responsible for a variety of events such as masquerade balls, dance parties, and drag shows to the masses.  WERQ TBay caters to the LGBTQ community and their allies and strives to be welcoming, safe, and full of bitchin’ good times.

I think Jimmy must be a bit of a workaholic because otherwise, how does he find time to organize so many fun and celebratory events?  Jimmy has also been a pretty prolific face in a variety of musical acts over the past 15 years.  

He’s a man of oh so many talents; his beard and tattoos make me feel all the feelings of woo.  Don’t worry, he has no plans to leave his partner of five years for me.

This is James:

I like this picture.  I think it captures James candidly as many people see him: full of childlike delight and fun.

I remember seeing James many years ago in the halls of my high school.  He was usually surrounded by friends and, I can’t say for sure, but I think that remains true to this day.  He gets to go to work every day and hang out with his friends and do what he loves: tattooing beautiful art on the citizens of Thunder Bay.

James spent a few years in Montreal, which is where he started learning his trade.  Upon his return to Thunder Bay, he began a tattoo apprenticeship with a well known and established artist.  

James works hard as one of the artists at Creation and his hard work has really paid off.  He also enjoys graffiti art and spending time with his children.

Thank you to both the Js for the laughter and the smiles.  

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