Once she was a young student, working her first part time job as a sales associate at a popular undergarment franchise.

A local business owner bought some underwear one day and was completely blown away by this young woman’s work ethic and authenticity.  

“I MUST HAVE YOU!” cried the business owner!  

And Julia said, “okay.” 

And that is the story of how Julia was head-hunted by the owner of Elfarrow Apparel, located in the Bay/Algoma business district of downtown Port Arthur.

Julia has been there about three years now, almost as long as the store has been open, and takes great pride in working at a job she loves.

As a soon to be graduate (Lakehead University, Marketing), Julia has become more and more involved in the day-to-day operations of running the store.  She’s even learning how to weave on a loom (visible in the picture below)!

This is the face of Elfarrow’s social media presence!

And it is also the face of a person who owns a bunny rabbit named Baby-Doll.

Julia is a beautiful, kindhearted, and passionate soul.  She’s a wonderful person.  You know, even though she named her bunny after a character from the movie Sucker Punch!

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