You know what I like most about Lori?  She’s so impossibly tiny and adorable!

But wait, that’s only part of it!

She’s tiny… 

but she is fierce!  

You don’t mess with this woman because she will NOT take any crap. She is bold, fearless, beautiful, stylish, and just exudes a warmth that makes you feel safe and protected.

If I was walking down a dark alley at 3 in the morning, I wouldn’t be scared if Lori was there.  I feel like she would hold me tightly to her bossom and whisper reassuring platitudes while simultaneously wielding the power to drop-kick any potential trouble maker.  Girlfriend does not mess around.

Don’t let the smile fool you!

Lori keeps busy on the home-front as a wife and momma to two young sprites, and keeps busy on the work-front by making food for people.

She worked at In Common for awhile and is now a chef at The Bean Fiend on Algoma. 

Her magnanamus personality is such a delight.  

We bonded over our lactose intolerance and decided we MIGHT have to retreat to a cabin in the woods one day, in order to save the world from our disgusting bodies that can’t digest dairy.  

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  1. Fabulous! She is a most amazing soul ~ genuine, spirit and precious!

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