I met a beautiful lady this week named Maelyn.  

I asked her if I could call her Mae-Mae and she said that I could, but it would have to be a secret nickname just between the two of us.  I’m really good at keeping secrets too.

Oh Mae-Mae, let’s see your beautiful face:

She’s standing in a brand new business location in downtown Port Arthur called, The Chanterelle.  

As you can see, it’s in construction mode, but it’s going to be amazing.

It’s so big and bright!  And that brick!!!  


Seriously people, I can’t express how much I love exposed brick walls like that.  Does it make me a hipster?  I’m not sure what a hipster is, to be honest, but I will gladly embrace the label if it means I can have brick walls in my life.

And I saw this:

I don’t know why it was sitting there in the construction mess, but it really spoke to me!

And Maelyn spoke to me too.  She told me about how she met her partner approximately seven years ago while they were both working at a local restaurant and then worked hard together to open up a new location called The Foundry.  

Maelyn is now branching out from working at The Foundry and will be working as one of the managers when The Chanterelle opens up for business to the public.  

It’s not quite ready yet, but within a few months you’ll be able to start booking your events (weddings and parties) at this conveniently located venue.  There’s also going to be a kitchen and catering provided by The Tomlin.  

It’s going to be good, people!

Back to Maelyn!  She just returned from Panama and Costa Rica!  Traveling and exploring the world is very important to Mae.  

She also loves local art and artisans (she organizes the Craft Revival events, which are amazing) and adores spending time with her friends, her niece (from her older brother), her partner, and her two doggies named Monkey and Buckley.

But you know, this girl is super busy, so sometimes she just needs to take a break and hide for a few minutes.

Hiding under scaffolding is not only relaxing, but extremely safe!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some additional pictures when more construction has been completed.

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