I’ve written about Meagan before, on my other blog.  I’ll likely write about her again in the future.  The sheer talent that oozes from this woman cannot be ignored.  When she showed up at my house the other day, I demanded a picture!

I’m very demanding!

Hello Meagan!

Meagan made a little bit of time for me between appointments and errands, as she ran around town getting ready to leave for Toronto Comic Con.

In fact, she’s probably on a plane right now!

Meagan and her oldest son (the youngest son is staying with daddy) are going to Toronto to visit  family and so Meagan can once again peddle her wares to all the fabulous geeks and nerds who’ll be attending Comic-Con.

Visit Meagan’s page and you’ll know exactly why her work is so appealing to nerds and non-nerds alike.  Durable and stylish purses and bags made using all kinds of prints appealing to just about any fandom you can think of (Harry Potter, Star Wars, super heros, etc). 

Meagan spends a lot of time sewing and creating (she makes a lot of her own clothes), is a huge fan of many different geeky subcultures, and she enjoys getting tattooed and running (both recreationally AND after her children).  

Meagan is also a gifted writer.  One of her recent articles was picked up and shared by some popular parenting websites.

Why I named my son Jayne.

As you can see from the subject matter, Meagan (and her husband) are doing a wonderful job raising their children in an environment of love, enlightenment, and inclusiveness.

Thunder Bay is so lucky to have Meagan and her wonderful family in our midst.

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